We are so happy to have you visiting Patriot Frank’s home on the web! We’re a small family run business here in Corinth, MS. At Patriot Franks we believe in paying it forward to all the brave men and women who have sacrificed time with their families, endured hardship beyond the scope of the average American’s understanding, and have even given their very lives to protect the way of life here at home. Vets will always find a warm handshake, a hearty appreciation for your service, and a dog and drink on the house wherever we are.


Along with the regular 100% beef dog, that we’ll dress any way you like, Patriot Franks offers seven specialty gourmet dogs.

  1. Chicago Dog – All beef dog nestled in a hot steamed poppy seed bun then lathered with yellow mustard, fresh diced onions, neon green relish, a dill pickle spear, tomato wedges, couple of tangy sport peppers, and just a sprinkle of celery salt…oh man!
  2. New York Dog – All beef dog in a steamed bun, plenty of spicy brown mustard, then covered with our fantastic red onion sauce, and finally topped with fresh kraut…you don’t have to be a Yankee to love one of these!
  3. Coney Island Chili Cheese Dog – All beef dog in a steamed bun, just the perfect amount of yellow mustard, a generous helping of our special dog chili, then fresh diced onion before smothering the whole thing in grated sharp cheddar…a dog of legend!
  4. Carolina Slaw Dog – All beef dog in a steamed bun, plenty of spicy mustard, diced onion, our own special chili, and then slathered in our one of a kind dog slaw….man do these hit the spot on a hot day!
  5. The Patriot Dog – Our signature dog is a 1/4 lb red hot link nestled in a steamed poppy seed bun, mayo squiggled down its length with a good portion of blue relish along one side….red, white, and blue dog….yummm!
  6. The Flaming Freedom Dog – This dog is not for the faint of heart or weak man’s stomach. We start off with a 100% beef dog, slather it in hot mustard, just enough diced onions to make it interesting, then we take things to a whole other level! On top of that layer of onions we spread our own habanero sweet relish, cover that up with fresh jalapeno slices and finish off with a generous helping of shredded pepper jack cheese. Better ask to make this a combo and get a carton of milk and saltines to go with it. You’re gonna need em!!
  7. The Corinth SlugDog – The slugburger (a ground pork and soy paste fried as a patty with a crispy exterior and white meaty center) has been a Corinth, MS tradition since the Great Depression when they could be bought for a nickel. Folks around here called a nickel a slug back then. Patriot Franks is proud to bring you our version in the newly invented SlugDog. Served the same as a traditional slugburger with yellow mustard, onion, and dill pickle slices (relish) this dog won’t break your wallet!!

And to round out our menu we offer both polish sausage and beer brats for you to dress as you like.

Be sure to check out our MENU page for pics of all our culinary creations!