Weekly Combo Winners


Now that our email list has grown a bit we can start our weekly giveaway. Patriot Franks will randomly choose three people from our email list every week and award them a free combo meal. This week’s winners are:

  • Tony Geer
  • Brenda Reed
  • Sandra Nixon

If you’re a winner you should have received a coupon in a separate email. Please reply to this post if you haven’t.



Fun Times At Firearms Freedom Rally

This last Saturday Patriot Franks served customers at the Firearms Freedom Rally in Guntown, MS. The day started off cold and rainy but by the time things got happening it had cleared up and the folks rolled in. Never have I felt safer than that day in Guntown city park with hundreds of armed patriots exercising their second amendment while open carrying at the event.

There were a couple of political speakers and plenty of good country music. This was a break in event for us and we hope to be doing more with this group in the future. Please enjoy some pictures we took while there:




Here were some of our happy customers!:


And this hungry guy found us as well:


By lucky chance we even made it into the background of the local newscast:


A lot of fun for all and we made a little $ as well. A good start to our business!