Closed for the season


This year we are going to be closed for the winter months. We’ll be back open the middle of March and look for lots of specials and coupon deals then!

We, the staff of Patriot Franks, want to thank all of our valued customers and those who have helped us succeed this year. We look forward to serving Corinth again in the 2015 season….



Superstar Bill Dundee Loves Our Dogs!!

Those that don’t live in the South may never understand our love for wrestling. A grand spectacle that has filled many a young boy’s dreams and made legends of men. Today Patriot Franks had the privilege of slinging dogs at a store promotion featuring 80’s Memphis Wrestling legend Bill Dundee. What a happy opportunity! I remember watching those matches as a teenager with my dad on T.V. (you know, back when you had 3 VHS channels). My honor to serve the wrestler one of our beer brats:


And for those of you that never got a chance to have the childhood experience of Memphis Wrestling here’s probably the most infamous of Bill Dundee’s matches against his ex tag team partner Jerry, THE KING, Lawler:

Until Thursday Y’all,



Some Like It Hot….


Do you like your food a little spicy? Well, as if things hadn’t been hectic enough with prep for the SlugBurger Festival, I done went and invented a new dog for the cart. We won’t start serving these until next Monday (after SlugBurger is over) but let me tell you a little bit about the new Flaming Freedom Dog:

We start, as always, with our 100% beef dog. Then we slather it with hot mustard, onion, my own habanero sweet relish, jack up that with a layer of jalapeno slices, and finally we cover her up all warm and snugly like with shredded pepper jack cheese. Now doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

I’m bouncing around the idea of offering it as a $5.00 combo with a carton of milk and pack of saltines. What do y’all think?

Anyways, look for a picture of this HOT dog next week….



Slinging the SlugDogs…

We won’t be at our normal location through the rest of this week. You can find us at the parking lot in front of the carnival entrance, downtown Corinth. Slugburger Festival time baby!

We thought some of you might like to try our new SlugDog so we’re giving you the chance to do that FREE!!! After all the profit/loss logistics were worked out we’ll be offering this dog from now on for only $1.25. You can’t beat that with a stick pardner! Just right click on the coupon below and save it to your computer for printing. See y’all at the carnival…


We’re Moving On Up…


And just like The Jeffersons we’re after our piece of the pie. Patriot Franks has moved from our original location across from Roger’s Grocery on Cass Street into the heart of Corinth’s restaurant alley on Hywy 72. Come on over and help us compete against the big dogs. You’ll find us right next to KFC across the road from Pizza Hut. New hours are 11am – 6pm


SlugBurger Festival 2014

Patriot Franks is working on our application to sling dogs at this year’s Slugburger festival July 10th – 12th. For those of you unfamiliar with this Corinth tradition here’s a short video:

To really be a participant we decided that we had to honor the slugburger tradition of Corinth, Ms. So….we invented, what we believe is the first ever, slugdog. And, yep, they taste just like a traditional slugburger (maybe a lil’ better even). This will be our only $1 dog on the cart. We’ll decide after the festival if we’re gonna carry them full time at our regular location.