Some Like It Hot….


Do you like your food a little spicy? Well, as if things hadn’t been hectic enough with prep for the SlugBurger Festival, I done went and invented a new dog for the cart. We won’t start serving these until next Monday (after SlugBurger is over) but let me tell you a little bit about the new Flaming Freedom Dog:

We start, as always, with our 100% beef dog. Then we slather it with hot mustard, onion, my own habanero sweet relish, jack up that with a layer of jalapeno slices, and finally we cover her up all warm and snugly like with shredded pepper jack cheese. Now doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

I’m bouncing around the idea of offering it as a $5.00 combo with a carton of milk and pack of saltines. What do y’all think?

Anyways, look for a picture of this HOT dog next week….



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